Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Girl Talk" (a gut-busting Lexi review)

Our Awesome Readers,

Hello again! I have a little access to my laptop, so I decided to go ahead and blog! Today's novel is freaking awesome and hilarious! It's Girl Talk by Christie Young.

Summary: "Breaking from the tradition of buttoned-up guides for girls, Girl Talk is an illustrated collection of hysterically funny and necessary reflections on life, love, and making it in the modern world.
Combining etiquette tips with true stories from her own not always quite together life, Christie Young proves herself to be adept around managing life’s vicissitudes. Whether you seek advice on handling running out of booze during the holidays or running into your ex on the subway, Girl Talk offers the keys to coping in a world bereft of rhyme or reason.

Let’s talk about:
   • Realizing you look exactly like your boyfriend’s sister
   • Overthinking text messages and analyzing emoticons
   • Looking calm in a bar alone (without the help an iPhone)
   • Accidentally stealing something from the farmer’s market
   • Choosing between getting to work on time or showering
   • Responding to a sexy text your uncle meant to send to his girlfriend
   • Organizing your wardrobe, from crop tops to bolo ties
   • Handling a roommate who rents out your living room to strangers
   • Kicking your Netflix sci-fi marathon habit
And much, much more." (Thank you, Barnes & Noble!!!)

So this novel is an unconventional advice book that actually is helpful, but will have you giggling on page one! You'll learn how to deal with being out on your own, where to find your own life, friends, and best spots for music and life in general. You'll learn how to throw a great party as well. It teaches while you're laughing! This is awesome because I've read TONS of books with advice for young women, from things like this to those with manners, but NEVER have I ever read something this hilarious and with actually things I wanted to know. So I'll take this book's advice, smiling through life.

6+/5 smiles

Till next time!!!


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