Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Splintered (A Lexi Review)

OOOH, Readers,

I just finished a book, and it's ahhhh-mazing. Splintered by A.G. Howard!!!

God. Even this cover is gorgeous.

Summary: Based upon the darker aspects of Wonderland, A.G. Howard crafted a world fit for today's Alice fans! Alyssa is a descendant of Alice. Yeah, that Alice. The one who went into a rabbit hole. She's not too thrilled about that though, especially since her insanity will catch up with her and she'll end up exactly where her mother and all the other Alice descendants do -- an institution. But one night, she falls into a mirror, following the haunting voice that's haunted her since she was a child. Right to Wonderland, where it's not the pretty place Carroll thought it was. (from me)

Okay, so this book is AMAZING. I counted down to this book, and the e-book wasn't to come out till the 15th, so I was so sad. But I got it elsewhere, and I loved it. The wait since summer was so very worth it. I didn't want to sleep. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to do a thing till I finished reading. I had to anyways, which sucked.

Anywho, the characters are actually believable and very human (the humans are, at least). Alyssa is a normal girl with a crappy family situation, and each human has their own demons that they have or are dealing with. (Btw, two love interests that will each try to steal your heart away.) They're all well-rounded, and the Wonderland characters are quite imaginative, as is Wonderland itself. Howard's view of Wonderland has less rhyme or reason than Carroll's. If Lewis Carroll read Splintered, he'd feel like his imagination was definitely not nearly developed as Howard's. It took me awhile to develop each scene in my head, and then each new creature that came about.

I don't want to give anything else away, so let me just say that you will not ever see any little bit that comes along next. If your head can wrap around each thing, draw it out and let me see it because I definitely will need to reread it to love and absorb it even more.

Conclusion: This book rocked. If you can't fully appreciate crazy imagination, please stay away from this book. If you even just like the idea of any of the Alice in Wonderlands out there, go for it. You'll be wrapped up in the puzzles, the riddling language, each creature, what's going to happen with Alyssa, and, of course, both guys that are trying to win her love. You may just want to end up in this Wonderland yourself.

(I know Ash will appreciate this, as we both are in love with the Hatter in general.)

Suggestion: Try to read this in one sitting so you don't lose your place in it all. Read especially if you're in the mood for at least one of the following: (A) running away, (B) being whisked away, (C) going to another land, (D) two hott guys, and/or (E) complete and utter nonsense. Don't be afraid to let yourself get lost down the rabbit hole.