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Authors: While I do indeed accept books -- both e-reader and physical -- but please understand that I will be completely truthful in every way when I review. I do not get paid or bribed for any posts, nor will I ever.

Okay, with that all said, both Authors and Readers, feel free to contact me about anything -- including about needing an assistant, advice, etc.


  1. Can I just say how much I love this blog right now? Your writing styles are so fun! I love the whole pink feel of this.It's just awesome. Keep up the work ladies! Hope this blog goes places for you guys!! Much love <3

    1. Thank you for subscribing and being the awesome fan you are!!! If you ever want to suggest a book you're wavering on or anything, please let us know! <3

  2. My facebook is having glitches and I wasn't able to respond to your message :) Send me a quick email to and I'll send it to you :)

  3. I searched to see if you guys have read the 'Iron Fey' series by Julie Kagawa but I couldn't find reference to it on your blog. My friend and I have an extremely similar story to yours and they are our absolute favourite books! We highly recommend! : ). Rocco


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