Saturday, April 16, 2016

Far From Over by April Lindner (a musical guest post!!!)

Our Dearest and Awesome Readers,

Dang, it's been awhile!!!

I know that we haven't posted in about, oh, forever, but we'll be up and running soon. I'll give specifics soon. Now to the post:

I'm here to talk about this awesome novella is coming out, and is linked to Love, Lucy by April Lindner! The novella is Far From Over! The best thing is that Ms. Lindner herself wanted to share a playlist and the cover with all of you!!! Here's her post:

Jesse’s Playlist

Music is at the heart of “Far From Over,” the new companion story to my novel Love, Lucy.  A digital-exclusive novella, “Far From Over” comes out this week. 

Jesse Palladino is used to moving on.  A street musician backing through Europe, he’s never in one place for long.  Which is why it’s so surprising he can’t seem to move on from Lucy, the girl he fell for in Florence.  They parted ways when Lucy returned home to start college, but every crowded piazza and winding cobblestone street reminds Jesse of the time they spent together. Now staying with a friend in Naples, he can't help wondering if it's time to pack up and move on again. But just when his mind is made up, something--or someone--might give him a reason to stay.

As he stands in Piazza Carita, Jesse plays a mix of English, American, and Italian power pop, hoping he might convince someone to stop and listen.  Here are some of the songs on his playlist:

Recovery by Frank Turner

When the Stars Go Blue by Ryan Adams

Parole in Circolo by Marco Mengoni

Happy Ending by MIKA

Wonderwall by Oasis

Fuori C’e il Sole by Lorenzo Fragola

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Matteo Becucci by Fammi Dormire

How Bad We Need Each Other by Mark Scibilia

Alexis again: Great tracks, huh? Go read this novella while listening to the playlist and get into Jesse's story!