Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"What Happened to Cass McBride?" (a review buried deep by Lexi)


Continuing this line of creepy books, I've gone on to What Happened to Cass McBride? by Gail Giles. Okay, so this novel is really interesting and good, so even though it's from 2006, I gotta review this.

Summary: "Kyle Kirby has planned a cruel and unusual revenge on Cass McBride, the most popular girl in school, for the death of his brother David. He digs a hole. Drugs Cass. Kidnaps her. Puts her in a box-underground. He buries her alive. But Kyle makes a fatal error: Cass knows the power of words. She uses fear as her weapon to keep her nemesis talking - and to keep herself breathing during the most harrowing 48 hours of her life." (Goodreads, you're awesome, and I love you.)

Okay, so this novel is super creepy. You get what goes through the mind of Cass, Kyle, and the police. It's crazy what you learn throughout the book. I mean, what is Cass's character like that Kyle (insanely) felt he needed to hurt her like this? (In other words, why Cass?) What is going on in her mind underground? What was Kyle like before this? When came the breaking point and what was it?

You may be tempted to get directly to one or another's POV chapters, but don't. Just read as is. It's really good, and the plot's twists, turns, and details will be shocking and you'll feel in the gray when it comes to what happened that spurred this. You might even feel kinda bad about Kyle. You'll see. The revealings of characters' lives, characters, etc. are awesome, so you'll like the character-building. The world building, way of transitioning, and more are very good as well. You'll find that this book may even change your own views, appreciations, and behaviors.

In Conclusion: If you've ever wondered what goes through the mind of all these people on the news, from the victim to the detectives to the perpetrator themselves, go for it. It's interesting.


4/5 dirt piles

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