Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Sorrow Woods" & A Special Announcement!!! (a happy Lexi review)


First, let me announce the coming of a two or so part interview exclusive on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Who with? APRIL LINDNER!!!!! She is the author of Jane and Catherine, and has another coming out next year!!!!! So be here and check it out!!!

Today's book is Sorrow Woods by Beckie Stevenson. This novel is really good and surprising.

Summary: "When Kaiden stumbles across Serena Scott whilst hunting in Sorrow Woods he thinks all of his birthdays have come at once. Finally, the girl that’s haunted and intrigued him and his parents for the last fourteen years is standing in front of him.

And she’s alive.

Serena should have known that he would shatter her life into a thousand pieces. It wasn't because of the gun, or the tattoos that snaked around his arm, but because he was the first boy that she’d ever set eyes on.

He wasn’t just any boy either; he was Kaiden Matthews.
He was dark, dangerous and strangely alluring.
And he was beautiful.

Serena’s life as she knows it is destroyed after Kaiden drops his bombshell. As the consequences of his actions begin to penetrate through into her life she vows to stay away from him, and while she might have been in his past, she refuses to be his future. 
Kaiden knows that in order for either of them to salvage anything from the mess he’s made he needs to make sure the secrets of his past stay hidden, but as they start to rebuild their lives they find themselves stuck in a whirlwind of secrets and confessions that could threaten to break their already fragile relationship." (Goodreads, I yuv yoooooou.)

This book was really good. There were some things that got me confused and frustrated (namely, Kaiden's gf). Also, I can't see how the reconstructing of one's world happened as fast as it did. Otherwise, this book was really interesting. It's in both Kaiden and Serena's points of view. Imagine living in the woods for most of your life, and then finding out from a complete stranger that your entire life was a huge lie. Then what would you do? This novel explores just that, and in a technically good way. (In other words, Serena and Kaiden's lives are realistic and well described. You feel like you know them very well.) I just think it was too fast pace for some of the events in the end. I do love this novel though. It was insightful and sweet, even though you can't even imagine what it feels like to be Serena or Kaiden.

In Conclusion: If you want a quick read that's interesting and not really covered too much in YA (never in this POV or way), then read this novel! It's good!

3.8/5 trees

Now You: If you found out that your life was a lie, what would you do? Comment away!

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