Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Stupid Perfect World" (A Stupidly Perfect Lexi Review)

My Darling Readers,

Oh my goodness, I hate this whole recovery thing! I can barely even pick up my Yorkie cuz he's seven pounds. How stupid is that!?! But no second surgery, so all the prayers and good wishes and thoughts worked, so thank you to all! I can truthfully say that I missed blogging, and keep looking forward and reading, so y'all helped a lot.

Okay, so today's review is over a novella, and it's actually really good, so I had to share. It's called Stupid Perfect World, and the author is Scott Westerfield (yeah, the Uglies guy). It is only 39 pages long (50 after a preview of his new book), and that's why I usually don't review novellas, but it's worth reviewing.

Summary: The only summaries I can find are as long as the novella itself, lol. So I'm going to write this one.

Kieran Black and Maria Borsotti both live in a "perfect" world where there's no hunger, no wars, no diseases, and sleep isn't needed. They take classes in all different parts of the world, getting to each place within seconds.

In their class called "Scarcity," they learn all about the sad way people used to live, and have a project where they take on a "disease" or way of life. Keiran chooses sleep; Maria chooses for her hormones to no longer be controlled. They question their perfect world, and wonder if the bad old days were really that bad.

This was an interesting take on dystopian stories. See, instead of just leaving their world behind on this daring adventure where it's life or death, they are doing a class assignment.  Their world is stupid perfect, and if I lived in that way, I'd feel lazier than I do now, lol. Everything is just so easy, and I like that they are taught to explore the yesteryear.

In Conclusion: Read it. It's a light novella that you can read on the beach. Just relax and get taken in to this new world Westerfield has created.


4.5/5 moons, because it does lag in some areas.

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