Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reading/Book Lover Humor!!! (Lexi's Sunday post)

Our great readers,

I decided y'all needed things to laugh/chortle/smirk/grin at (and cuz it's too damn cold outside), so I grabbed some great book/literature/reading humor...

Reading humor Please don't let this really happen!! too sad ;(

I was doing dishes ... one thing led to another ... and somehow I ended up reading. ;)

Reading humor.

Reading humor...

Nerdy girl problems lol

nerdy girl problems

Nerd Girl Problem! If you were a nerdy girl you would realise that you can only get your acceptance letter to hogwarts when you are 11! But you should never give up hope, there is always a possibility of an adventure!

Nerdy Girl Problem #45 ~ Having to put a great book down to do things like sleep or eat.

Nerdy Girl Problems  (Fan Fiction doesn't count as legitimate literary works, so you can't feel like you've done tons of reading even though you've read at least 7 of them in one day.)

You suggest books to your non-nerdy friends and they don't understand their awesomeness.

So sad. So many great nerdy stores, none of them in Brazil (and the ones that do have anything, are too expensive).   Then you try to ship something to Brazil and you wanna kill yourself.

#books  #reading  #reading humour

Well, that's one way of looking at it! ~ via Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

PERFECT. #Shakespeare #books #humor

SCARY CAMPFIRE TALES! ... Big Book: "And then... After they had ripped out half of her pages... They turned her ... into a movie!" - - -  Little camper books:  "Gasp!" "Gasp!"  [Cartoonist & Origin unknown]  Book Humor. The horror of it all!

@Kaitlyn Eagon  Teaching math and rules for the classroom library at the same time. Perfection!

Book humor

Book humor @ruth galella- this one is for you cutie.

You mean you didn't understand that?

And, of course, for us Disney fans...

i need to get like a group together to all dress up as Disney princesses and walk around and pretend its a normal thing

Hope I made you smile!!!!!


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