Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"You Might Be A Zombie (and Other Bad News)" (Arrgalrghrrrrh by Lexi)

Oh, my my my.


I am sick. I never wanted to write about it on here, because who wants to read drivel like this, right? Psh. But due to being in so much pain that I was nauseous made me miss reviewing on here, which sucked, by the way. And soon, I'm having 2 surgeries, but I'll have treats for y'all while I'm gone. :D Don't think I'm leaving y'all though, cuz that'll not ever happen. This blog is way too much fun!!!

Anywho, I'm going to go ahead and do a review of an fabulously fabulous book to make up for that. Ready? Let's get with it, then, shall we?

You Might Be A Zombie (and Other Bad News) from the editors of Cracked.com...

If you know cracked.com, that's what this novel is. It's things you may have never known, or learned in school that either will impress you or make you sick to your stomach, lol. Hypochondriacs, please don't read this. Or ever go on the Cracked site. Don't download their app or anything. Oh, just skip this post altogether!

Goodreads summary: "You're going to wish you never picked up this book. 

Some facts are too terrifying to teach in school. Unfortunately, Cracked.com is more than happy to fill you in:

* A zombie apocalypse? It could happen. 50% of humans are infected with a parasite that can take over your brain.
* The FDA wouldn't let you eat bugs, right? Actually, you might want to put down those jelly beans. And that apple. And that strawberry yogurt.
* Think dolphins are our friends? Then these sex-crazed thrill killers of the sea have you right where they want you.
* The most important discovery in the history of genetics? Francis Crick came up with it while on LSD.
* Think you're going to choose whether or not to buy this book? Scientists say your brain secretly makes all your decisions 10 seconds before you even know what they are.
If you’re a fan of The Oatmeal or Frak.com and hate being wrong about stuff, you’ll love what you find in YOU MIGHT BE A ZOMBIE from the twisted minds at Cracked."

And they are quite twisted, y'all. But super fun if you're an info junkie like me. Wanna know the "true story" that's supposed to be behind the movie you love? or maybe scary foods from around the world? Maybe some bullshit statistics that everybody quotes?

That's all in this hilariously-commentated novel full of crazy things and awesome stuff that'll blow your head up. Yep. Right off your shoulders. Just one big kablam! loljkjkjk. That won't happen. You'll just be cooler than everybody else around you; that's all.

In Conclusion: Read a list out of here, and you'll be hooked. So go for it, my bug-eating friends!!!


5/5 Presidents, laughing at how we amount to nothing compared to their kickassery. (Kickassery is now a word. Just accept it.)

Till next time,


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