Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Temping Fate" (a magical Lexi review)

Hey, y'all!

I went to A-Kon (Anime Convention), and met the author of this novel, who has written many other YA books, including the Nobody's Princess series, the Sphinx Queen series, etc. It was last minute, right before we left, and I bought the novel, and got to spoke to Esther Friesner herself which, of course, for me, is a huge celebrity! It was an honor. She was so nice and sweet!

Anyways, let's get on to Temping Fate by Esther Friesner!

Goodreads Summary: "Until she stumbled upon the Divine relief temp Agency, Ilana Newhouse was having a hard time finding a summer job. Apparently, a t-shirt that reads "ORC: the other green Meat" isn't appropriate for an interview. but when she reports for her first day as a temp, Ilana discovers why Divine relief isn't shy about hiring someone a little left of ordinary. Ilana is temping for the extraordinary greek mythological goddesses, the Fates. the three Fates are responsible for spinning, measuring, and cutting all the life-threads on the planet. Ilana will be working—literally—with life and death. Now her summer is going to be less about surviving a stuffy office and more about avoiding a catastrophe!"

So, lemme say first that, in the end, you'll completely understand the awesome book cover.

This novel had me falling asleep at night with it in my hands, still sitting up, lol. I laughed a lot, and in the end, was thinking of all of this just completely normal. Temping for the Fates? Can you even imagine? Well, no worries either way because Friesner already has!

The characters are realistic, the plot is amazing, and the ending was superb. I honestly have no issues with this novel. If you need a laugh, or want to read something truly unique and imaginative, go for this novel! It's really a great book!

5/5 Coffee Mugs!

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