Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Darklandia" (A Different Lexi Review)


Here's another review to make up for the lack of my abilities to click buttons on here recently! :P

Darklandia by T.S. Welti

Summary: "Manhattan, 2147

Seventeen-year-old Sera Fisk gleefully celebrates the death of her 114-year-old great-grandmother, the last Atraxian alive who still remembers what New York was like before Felicity.

There is only one principle of Felicity: Suffering is optional. Those who disagree or forget this principle, as Sera's father did, are detained and “purified”. Through the use of the Darklandia virtual reality and mandatory water rations, the Department of Felicity has transformed metropolises all over the country into happy, obedient communities.
Inspired by her great-grandmother's last words, Sera stops drinking the water rations and is soon recruited by Nyx into a rebel organization in the midst of planning a full-scale attack on Darklandia. When Nyx attempts to override the Darklandia system, he stumbles upon shocking information about Sera and her family. After years of living in a haze of virtual reality and drugs, Sera finds herself running from a powerful surge of raw emotions and a government agency intent on keeping reality a secret."

Another cute guy. They're always in these novels, aren't they?

I needed a dystopian novel for today. It was too perfect. See, today, my dad sanded the floors in our house, and there was dust all over everything. (For some reason, tarps and blankets don't exist in our house, loljk. He didn't think to use them.) Walking out to it, I felt like I was in this novel. Then nobody in the living room or game room? I thought there was a bomb that went off or something, omg. Yes, I know; let's get back to that novel I'm talking about, shall we?

This is a novel that makes you think, makes you nervous. You'll be on the edge of your seat all over again with this one, and again, till the very end. Jennifer Rush shows in her story instead of constantly being told what the past was. It shows what the future could be in such a freaky way. You'll be amazed and questioning everything by the end of the novel! (Unneeded bonus points for the cover coming from an artist on deviantart!)

Becoming "purified," and hearing anybody even just mutter the words "sweet felicity" (or just "sweet" or "felicity" in any way) will make you cringe. This novel is amazing, and I love the characters being so realistic, as well as the lives they live, as well as where they live. The whole novel will keep your attention after the first few pages. Keep with it at all points. Just trust me on this one.

In Conclusion: Read it. Relish in the great storytelling. If you're like me, you'll love a novel like this. And if you're here reading this, you're like me.


5/5 water splashes

Doing early posts on Monday for Tuesday and this week, hoping to be back and much better the week after. Just a head's up!



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