Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lexi's Favorite Artist...

Our beloved readers,

Hello! It's Lexi. Sick Lexi, actually, so I wanted to update to let y'all know I'm not going to be posting on some days if I feel way too sucky to write. So yeah.

Today though, I really wanted to focus on this awesome artist I love to death! I've been a fan of hers for years, and she's well-known among those who hit up Her name is Brianna Garcia, and she used to be known under bri-chan on the site. She posts more on tumblr now, but her deviant site is She now works in the Disney animation studios, as I've been told by another fan at ComicCon here in Dallas. (Tellin' ya, her fans are everywhere!) You can buy her work and such on her site at Society6 and other sites (all on her deviant homepage). She also helped animate a love story about a grown-up Alice and the Hatter... Just trust me, y'all, it's awesome.

The thing I like about her art is that it's original, amazing, imaginative, and beautiful. I love the details in each piece. The sass is awesome, and makes me smile and laugh. Then there are the lines. The lines in the art are just so... perfect, I guess. I can't describe how gorgeous they are. I recommend looking at her sketches where the lines aren't cleaned up. It's just gorgeous. I think that what gets me the most is the passion that you can see in her years of work.

So, without further ado, I wanna show you some pieces of hers... I'm limiting myself to five from the deviant site, lol...

She even has done shoes!!!

Okay, so go check her gallery out! She even has books with her art (so that's gonna be my excuse for writing about her on here... lol).



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