Monday, January 14, 2013

Catherine ( An Ashley Review)

Hey guys..Sorry it took me a little bit to post this. "Catherine" is such a great read..I loved it so much I had to read it several more times lol. Here is a review of one of the best books ever!!!!!

This is by far one of my favorite authors, the way April Linder can take classics and put a new spin on them without going so off the original is awesome. This book is based on " Wuthering Heights" and is one of the best revisions that I have ever read. We follow Cathy's daughter in a search for her mother, along the way we meet an older Heathcliff and a love interest by the name of Cooper. I can't honestly talk about what we encounter anymore because of the fact that I would give the book's ending away, which I am not going to. This book is so worth the money and so worth the time. The hard time I had getting it, which Alexis had mentioned in an earlier post is actually comical. When it came out on January, 1st..I went to Barns and Noble to buy it, well they didn't have it because their shipment wasn't going to come that day because of the holiday. So i went back the next day thinking they would have it...nope, the truck still hadn't arrived. I called another book store, but they didn't have it either although they could have ordered it but it would take about a week...ya no. So I went to Amazon and had it sent for overnight to me which cost me about $30, but it was so so worth it.

After Reading it you will probably want to watch " Wuthering Heights", which the movie version I recommend is the 1939 one which comes back on DVD tomorrow..and yes I will be getting it. I also recommend reading April's other book " Jane" either before or after. I look forward to see which classic story this author takes under her wing next. Here is a picture of " Jane" which is Jane Eyre falling in love with a rock much better can a book get!!!!

Both of these books are 20 Stars out of 5 lol..they are so awesome they are a must read!!!!

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tiger Lily (A Heartfelt Review by Alexis)

To the apples of my eye,

I'm letting Ash do the review for Catherine, as her journey to getting to read it was a difficult one. (I'll let her tell you that harrowing tale herself, lol.) But lemme squee over it really quick. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Okay, I'm good now.

I'm doing the review for Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. Of course, like I said, we'll probably both be doing reviews for some books, and this will likely be one of them. See, this book encaptures a certain tale that I've always had a love for. More on that in a minute.

Presenting Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson!!!

I tried to think of a better cover, but couldn't capture the story at all. So I understand why this is so minimalistic...

This review is going to be part proper review, part emotional review, as this book punched me in the gut and twisted. So let's glaze over my past concerning Peter Pan.

I saw Peter Pan on stage first. Cathy Rigby's first performance was in Indiana, where I grew up, in Indiana University, I believe. I was two years old. My mom tells me that not only was I hooked afterwards, but it was the first time my mouth had been shut, haha! I then had the Mary Martin stage VHS that Raisinets had an ad in in the beginning. I bet that's why I love that candy. I watched it every day, and then as much as possible after I started school. Somewhere in there, I'd seen the Disney version, but honestly, I still am not a big fan. I never stopped loving the everything about Peter Pan, though. I got hooked on "Hook," and then sobbed like a baby in the theater while watching "Finding Neverland." Then there was the live action "Peter Pan" where, for the first time, a male (Jeremy Sumpter) played him. At fifteen, I went to what Cathy declared was her last show. It was in Dallas, not far from where I am. Is that a sign or what??? My little brother, mom, and I went, and my brother, 7, cheered on Hook. Well, still at my age, the love for Peter Pan surpasses even the one for Alice in Wonderland. I always dreamnt of being swept away by Peter Pan. It's still my dream.

As you can see, I am very attached... I just never thought anybody was going to be able to touch on Peter Pan and improve the story. So imagine my excitement when I spotted this book. Not only was it a beautiful and unique take on Peter Pan, but it opened my eyes to Tiger Lily and her view of the story. After reading it, I demanded that Ashley buy and read it, too. Every image, every character, every little thought, and emotion had hit me hard, and I cried. I recently bought it in hardback, started to read it, and began to cry again.

See, Tiger Lily is told by Tinker Bell, who is obsessed with the very quiet Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily has few words to say, but has an enormous heart and takes the teasing and torture she experiences in stride. In almost every way, I saw myself in her, and I think that's what ultimately had this story nestling inside my heart as much as it has. Though some may not believe that I'm silent, if one listens, I am very quiet when it comes to what counts, especially my true heart and feelings. Then there's the relationship that develops between her and Peter. The way she acts with him is moi. Not seeing things, not noticing what other girls would. And one of Tiger Lily's two friends', Moon Eye, silent suffering with her own destructive secret reminds me too much of my, and so many others', silence.

Jodi Lynn Anderson took my childhood story and made it more in-depth, more grown-up. And it is great. You truly can feel everything that goes on, walk in Tiger Lily's footsteps and do everything she does. Your heart and hers are one. And Neverland is more realistic than ever, feels like you can almost touch it, that it's out there if we actually look for it.

So read this book, if you ever loved anything that has to do with Peter Pan, and know the general story. My last post was Wonderland, but Neverland is much better (sorry, Wonderland fans). I haven't even begun to touch on all of the amazing characters that Anderson brings into reality. (Props for making mermaids what they are supposed to be.)

If you've ever slept with the window open for Peter, clapped because you believed, thought Wendy was stupid for leaving, closed your eyes and saw Neverland, wanted a Newfoundland to name "Nana," or have vowed to never utter the words "I don't believe in fairies," this book truly was written for you.

Splintered (A Lexi Review)

OOOH, Readers,

I just finished a book, and it's ahhhh-mazing. Splintered by A.G. Howard!!!

God. Even this cover is gorgeous.

Summary: Based upon the darker aspects of Wonderland, A.G. Howard crafted a world fit for today's Alice fans! Alyssa is a descendant of Alice. Yeah, that Alice. The one who went into a rabbit hole. She's not too thrilled about that though, especially since her insanity will catch up with her and she'll end up exactly where her mother and all the other Alice descendants do -- an institution. But one night, she falls into a mirror, following the haunting voice that's haunted her since she was a child. Right to Wonderland, where it's not the pretty place Carroll thought it was. (from me)

Okay, so this book is AMAZING. I counted down to this book, and the e-book wasn't to come out till the 15th, so I was so sad. But I got it elsewhere, and I loved it. The wait since summer was so very worth it. I didn't want to sleep. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to do a thing till I finished reading. I had to anyways, which sucked.

Anywho, the characters are actually believable and very human (the humans are, at least). Alyssa is a normal girl with a crappy family situation, and each human has their own demons that they have or are dealing with. (Btw, two love interests that will each try to steal your heart away.) They're all well-rounded, and the Wonderland characters are quite imaginative, as is Wonderland itself. Howard's view of Wonderland has less rhyme or reason than Carroll's. If Lewis Carroll read Splintered, he'd feel like his imagination was definitely not nearly developed as Howard's. It took me awhile to develop each scene in my head, and then each new creature that came about.

I don't want to give anything else away, so let me just say that you will not ever see any little bit that comes along next. If your head can wrap around each thing, draw it out and let me see it because I definitely will need to reread it to love and absorb it even more.

Conclusion: This book rocked. If you can't fully appreciate crazy imagination, please stay away from this book. If you even just like the idea of any of the Alice in Wonderlands out there, go for it. You'll be wrapped up in the puzzles, the riddling language, each creature, what's going to happen with Alyssa, and, of course, both guys that are trying to win her love. You may just want to end up in this Wonderland yourself.

(I know Ash will appreciate this, as we both are in love with the Hatter in general.)

Suggestion: Try to read this in one sitting so you don't lose your place in it all. Read especially if you're in the mood for at least one of the following: (A) running away, (B) being whisked away, (C) going to another land, (D) two hott guys, and/or (E) complete and utter nonsense. Don't be afraid to let yourself get lost down the rabbit hole.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do..or is it? (Ashley's advice)

I know that this is a blog for book reviews, but I have seen a lot of bad relationships and women/men not knowing how to end it. I wanted to give some advice because I believe that it will do someone out there some good. I just broke up with my boyfriend of a year and 1/2. We hadn't seen each other in a little over a year, granted he did join the Marines, but that's not the point. Every time he was home, we would make plans, and he would always have something come up on his end that we wouldn't end up seeing each other. I lived with it, but the day before my birthday, he did it again, so after crying and talking to my sis Alexis, I decided that I was tired of this crap. I told him the next day that we needed to take time and think about what we want from this relationship. Then yesterday, I finally got up the nerve to tell him, I couldn't do it anymore and I stayed strong when he was practically begging me to give him another chance. I had already told him what I felt was wrong in our relationship a couple months ago and he said he would change but he didn't.
Girls/Guys.....if your significant other tells you they will change I have news for you...THEY ARE BIG FAT LIARS!!!!!!!!!!! A tiger can't change his stripes and someone who knows their biggest faults for awhile and have never changed are a lost cause. Also, know the saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater"...if they cheated on you once they will do it again. If  they are verbally abusive or physically abusive..leave their asses and if they hit you immediately leave the house and call 911 or go to a police station to report it. I have had my share of bad relationships..they have either cheated or not cared enough about me. I promise you, you have the strength to leave an abusive relationship or a non healthy one. Please don't kidd yourself and say " They will change..I love them so much I can put up with it" trust me I have said that so many times.
I am thankful for having my sis, Alexis, not lie to me and help me open my eyes to the truth. Everyone needs a friend like that, because if you are blind to it you need someone to notice it and tell you you are being an idiot and that you could do so much better. A lot of relationships are going to possibly hurt you when they end...Which is understandable and here is some advice to help with that hurt and to deal with it.

  1. Cry- When you are alone, or with a friend/family member, cry your eyes out (guys it's OK for you to cry shows you have feelings). Crying is so good for you, because you don't have to keep it inside. Keeping any emotion inside is very bad, because you can become distant or you will hold on to it and never be able to move on from the relationship.
  2. Read- Pick up your favorite book or go out and buy a new one. Books help drag you into their pages and help you leave reality for a while, which helps a lot, trust me. Everyone needs to leave reality and not have to deal with the sadness for awhile.
  3. Disney- What always helps me calm down or relax is watching an animated Disney movie, i.e. Mulan, or any movie that makes you laugh or makes you feel better. If you do choose to watch a Disney movie, than know that the Princes' are fairy tales, they are not real. But, who am I kidding they make some hot characters..who hasn't had a crush on Prince Eric, Shang, Flynn Rider, or even The Beast. LOL..My sis and I love our fictional characters
  4. Friends- When you are feeling up to it, go hang out with your friends, go shopping, just surround yourself with people who love you and make you laugh. Don't close off those people because they will help you get through the break up, even if it was your idea. Also work out, that way you can handle stress and you can also make yourself sexy and feel better about yourself.
These are just a few things that help me feel better whenever I am feeling down or stressing out after a break up. Also, chocolate or ice cream can make anything feel better. If you take anything from this post just know that an un-healthy relationship is going to be toxic to you. You are strong and God has a person picked out for everyone, just be patient and never settle for someone who treats you like crap or won't make time for you in their life. I hope that this helps some of you.

Lots of Love,