Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Hallowed Ones" (A Lexi Review from Under the Covers, lol)

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Okay, so today's blog was going to be about The Sugar Queen, but I decided to postpone my view on it and go for The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle. The cover alone is creepy all by itself, and you know there's something eerie about to go down...

Now, if you're anything like me, and are interested in the Amish world (but not ever wanting to be Amish, lol), this book shows many different aspects of the culture. Of course, this is while you're being terrified out of your wits with the gore and creatures.

Book Summary: "Katie is on the verge of her Rumspringa, the time in Amish life when teenagers can get a taste of the real world. But the real world comes to her in this dystopian tale with a philosophical bent. Rumors of massive unrest on the “Outside” abound. Something murderous is out there. Amish elders make a rule: No one goes outside, and no outsiders come in. But when Katie finds a gravely injured young man, she can’t leave him to die. She smuggles him into her family’s barn—at what cost to her community? The suspense of this vividly told, truly horrific thriller will keep the pages turning." (Huzzah for Goodreads!)

Katie is a character who, like Belle, wants "much more than this provincial life" that she's leading/stuck in. Amish are quite strict with the way their people live their lives, in every respect there is. For example, one's hat brim being a millimeter bigger than your neighbor's means that you are proud (a bad quality to them). Now, know that there are communities that are more lax, but Katie doesn't live in a community like that; her life is very determinedly chosen for her.

When this terrifying and new disease goes around, there are vampires/zombies that are more than happy to attack others and murder them. However, they stay out of her community. So bringing in a foreigner? Heck no! Not allowed! Verboten! But Katie saves a man from the other side of the fence.

While the world collapses around them, it makes you wonder if one is supposed to feel an obligation to one's neighbor in this sort of time, or is it truly every man for himself, even in an Amish community?

The characters are great, and the plot is addictive-ly scary. The development of the plot is perfectly paced, making you practically become a zombie-like creature as you try to read "just one more chapter" with the words getting fuzzy at night. It's unpredictable and fun to read. If you like strong characters that you can relate to, or feel like you "know" them, these characters won't let you down.

Summary of Review: Read this fun book! The potential nightmares are quite worth it!

Five monsters out of five! lol

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