Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Fearless" (Fearless, Sam, & Run) (A Top Secret Lexi Review)

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Anybody in the mood for an adventure? Then check out the first set of three books in one from the "Fearless" series by Francine Pascal!

Summary: "A repackage of a smart and sexy series whose heroine was born without the fear gene. Gaia is a brilliant, beautiful girl who is trained in three kinds of martial arts, has a reflex speed that’s off the charts, and can climb mountains, box, wrestle, and break codes in four languages. She has no trouble throwing a grown man over her shoulders. She doesn’t care what people think of her, and she’s never scared…  Because she is missing the fear gene. In this action-packed bind-up, Gaia makes her way through the treacherous halls of high school and is forced to come to terms with herself, the boys in her life, and her completely MIA family. But she can handle it. She is....Fearless." (Goodreads, gracias! You're amazing!)

How much better would life be if you never felt fear? Never felt real nervous feelings associated with it? Only understood the broad concept but never had to deal with the breath laboring, the heart pounding, nothing at all? Pretty amazing, right? Or is fear a gift that we should all have?

Well, Gaia (pronounced Guy-uh) is a girl who feels no fear. She feels adrenaline instead. Did I mention that she knows how to fight? Super well? Well, she does. So what's a few small-time criminals to her power?

As she makes enemies, she makes one friend; the first since childhood. Her fearlessness is supposed to be her secret, and she keeps it well. But with killers on the loose, and people after her, how much longer can she keep her secret?

The fun about this book is just thinking of how fun it'd be to be fearless. Fear is called a "gift" by many, but is it truly a gift, or is it more of an unneeded hassle? Then there are the characters. Some you'll recognize, such as the snotty popular chick, the once-popular guy, etc. Then there are characters that you haven't met: the old Jewish man who loves chess, the young wife, etc.

Action and adventure are everywhere in this novel. Don't worry though; there's still some romance. As you're living out the fun and harm of Gaia's life, fighting in a park, annoying teachers, etc, you'll also be examining your own life, and your own fears.

The characters are great, the setting is fun, and the stories are fun as well. However, when it comes to the end, you'll want to read on. However, there are 39 of these. Yeah. Juuuust a warning. Only the first six (in two three-stories-in-one books) have been reissued, and I don't know if she's going to continue to reissue the other 33, or what. But these three are worth the money. :)


3.89 out of 5 because she leaves you on an extremely frustrating cliffhanger...

Recommendation: You'll not want to stop reading, so give yourself however long it takes to read the whole book. Don't stay up till 5 a.m. and get angry at the ending like I did, lol.

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