Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston and Dallas, We're Sending Our Love. (Lexi)


This is Lexi. Obviously Ash put it into the best words, and I want y'all to read her post. I just want to say that our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to everybody who has been affected by the bombs in Boston, and the explosion in West, Texas. I have no words. I just cannot believe that these things are happening, and that it seems to be around this time each year that some big, horrible things go on.

I want everybody to take a moment today to love on your families. Think about how amazing it is that you've not been hurt by these events (and if you have, love on your families all the same). I know I'm very thankful that this hasn't hit our families, but so sad for those it has hurt. Just give thanks that you're alive. There's a reason for it, y'all. You've been spared. Be sad, be angry, but be grateful and not hateful all the same.

My heart and love are out to every person out there, including you.

Love to all,


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