Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Louder Than Words" review + My Poor Nook (by Lexi)

Hello, lovely loves!

This is Lexi again! (Or Alexis. Whichever.) Today, we have gathered for two reasons: 1) I read another great book, and 2) my Nook deserves some sympathy.

I've had my Nook Color for about two years. And I have tired out one cover, and now this next one. I've also cracked the bottom which, according to the Nook people in Ash and I's B&N, "I've never seen it broken like that before" (followed with "How did you do that?" and me shaking my head). Of course, I've also broken six laptops or so (with no way to fix it or figure out what the heck happened) and dropped my iPod directly into a glass of water on accident in the middle of the night before. I'm not good with my precious electronics, I guess. But I have been careful with my Nook. I really have been. But it's all sad-looking and is taking forever to do anything. And freezes a lot. However, my b-day is in 12 days, at which I will get the Nook HD plus a memory card. And a new laptop, because this poor thing is about done as well. (I honestly don't know how I do what I do.)

Let's have a moment of silence for the wonderful Nook Color...

Now, on to the review of Louder Than Words by Laurie Plissner.

Summary: "Since the snowy night when her family's car slammed into a tree, killing her parents and little sister, Sasha has been unable to speak except through a computer with a robotic voice. Nothing is wrong with her body; that's healed. But, after four years, Sasha's memory, and her spirit, are still broken. Then one day, she's silently cussing out the heavy book she dropped at the library when a gorgeous, dark-haired boy, the kind of boy who considers Sasha a freak or at least invisible, "answers" Sasha's hidden thoughts -- out loud. Yes, Ben can read minds; it's no big deal. He's part of a family with a host of unusual, almost-but-not-quite-supernatural talents. Through Ben's love, Sasha makes greater progress than she has with a host of therapists and a prominent psychiatrist. With him to defend her, bullies keep the world from ever understanding Sasha, he pulls away. Determined to win him and prove her courage by facing her past, Sasha confronts her past -- only to learn that her family's death was no accident and that a similar fate may wait for her, in the unlikeliest of disguises." (Thank you again, Goodreads!)

You will, at various times, think you know the answer to the questions presented; however, you won't.

The characters are fun to read about. You get so caught up in them, that you may wonder if this has ever happened; it feels so natural. "Sure," you'll say to yourself, "a guy can read minds. Duh. Happens all the time." lol... The characters are well-rounded and the story is easily followed. You'll be able to relate to Sasha through her thoughts, sassy quips, and dry sense of humor. You'll understand how she truly loves her aunt and uncle, and you'll appreciate them and their position on raising her. This is all not even touching how great the plot is.

The plot is fully formed, and doesn't leave you asking questions at the end, which, for this story, is great. There are the major plot lines and the minor plot lines, but all are wonderful, and they are interwoven beautifully throughout the book. The author truly "shows" instead of tells the details you'd want her to show, so you feel like you're there with the Sasha. Plus, you'll feel sympathy, empathy, graciousness, happiness, and love while reading this novel.

Conclusion and Suggestion: Read this when you aren't in the mood for any book at all. That's what I did. It's worth the money, and you may want to read through it over again just because.


5/5 luscious lips!

Well, my mom bribed me today with five books from Half Price Books today, so I'll let my Nook relax for a little bit. Get ready for some fun books coming up!

Your chica,


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