Thursday, May 2, 2013

"The Prince with Amnesia" (A Hokey Little Lexi Review)


I'm running out of content! lol. Okay, not nearly, but between helping those in my house and then looking for a career, blogging seems to be difficult. However, that's just for now. I'll just need to establish somewhat of a plan for each day, you know?

Summary: Okay, so The Prince with Amnesia by Emily Evans... A prince is volunteered to be on a dating show by his uppity grandmother (the Queen). When he is treated for a concussion, and for amnesia, his mom takes him to the U.S. to where she was from. There, he finds love. But will it last?

Review: Truthfully, this novel is kind of hokey, cheesy, but this is actually not that bad. The storyline and characters are very interesting. There are twists and turns, but not too many to leave you lost. It's very easy to follow. It's also easy to get lost in the story and have the prince falling for you.

The creativity of this story is great. I love how it encaptures something that sounds real enough to happen. It'll put you in a tizzy over trying to find a prince of your own with amnesia! I know that I was hoping for Andrea Casiraghi (Prince Albert of Monaco's nephew) (pics below) was randomly find his way to me during and after this novel, lol! It was just too much fun to read this one, so why not give some light whimsy into your life.



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