Monday, August 25, 2014

"Memento Nora" (a memorable Lexi review)

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Today's novel was one that I read in physical form after my Nook crashed. (I now am using an old one of my mom's, and planning on getting an iPad mini...) It was the only novel that could catch my attention, and I finished it rather quickly. It's Memento Nora by Angie Smibert.

Summary: "On an otherwise glossy day, a blast goes off and a body thuds to the ground at Nora's feet. There are terrorist attacks in the city all the time, but Nora can't forget.

In Nora's world you don't have to put up with nightmares. Nora goes with her mother to TFC--a Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic. There, she can describe her horrible memory and take a pill to erase it so she can go onlike nothing ever happened. But at TFC a chance encounter with a mysterious guy changes Nora's life. She doesn't take the pill. And when Nora learns the memory her mother has chosen to forget, she realizes that someone needs to remember.
With newfound friends Micah and Winter, Nora makes a comic book of their memories called Memento. Memento is an instant hit, but it sets off a dangerous chain of events. Will Nora, Micah, and Winter be forced to take the Big Pill that will erase their memories forever?" (Thanks, Goodreads!!!)

This novel was action-packed as well as heartfelt. It was a novel that I picked up at Half Price Books on a whim, and am so glad that I did!!! So the characters are very realistic and complex. I love their back stories and how they were introduced. The TFC was so realistic that I figure that it's a matter of time before it truly happens. I love the storyline, how every character truly develops into their own selves through help from eachother. I also love the ending, and I hope you guys do as well! If you like novels that cross over a few genres and are just good books, read this one!!!

In Conclusion: Read it!!!!! (Especially if you're into realistic dystopian-ish novels.)


5/5 comic pages

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