Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Just My Typo" (a grammar nazi review by Lexi)

Hey, our awesome readers,

Yeah, I've been gone for awhile. Between working and trying to find another job, it's been insanity. Then, my Nook crashed on me, which means I lost over 4,000 books. Yeah. I cried. But my mom can't use hers (eye problems), so I'm borrowing it until I decide whether or not I need to buy another Nook or go with a mini iPad. (If you have any suggestions, please comment or contact me.)

However, by August 25th, I start a new job (I get to be a nanny again!!! YAY!!!). This one has more flexibility, so while the little one naps, I'll be blogging (and searching for a job in my field). Then, I'll get to be off on weekends again, so that means even more time to blog!!! I'm so excited, and I hope you guys are, too! I PROMISE I'll be on here tons more.

Okay, so today's book is hilarious. I got through it all quickly, and had to share with my family (even though I'm the only grammar freak in this household). It's Just My Typo by Drummond Moir.

Summary: "From the sublime to the ridiculous, Just My Typo is a hilarious collection of typographical errors, slips of the pen and embarrassing misprints which, like any typo of any kind, should never have happened, cannot be excused, and must not in any way be glorified. Enjoy." (Thank you, Goodreads!!!)

Are you a grammar chick (or dude), like me? Do you hate it when people cannot spell, or maybe when they forget to pronounce the "r"s in "February" and "library"? I totally do. (If you do, don't tell those close to you, or they'll do it to annoy the crap out of you, lol.) Maybe you just like hilarious books? In any way, this book of funny typos and poor use of punctuation will make you belly laugh until you can't stand it anymore.

I have many favorites, one of them being from the UK's Evening Gazette "'They have been suggesting that for some time. It's all rubbish It's fiction.' His comments followed claims that the Prince has been secretly Mrs. Parker-Bowles for more than a decade, and as often as once a week." LMAO!!!

In Conclusion: Read this if you need a good laugh!


5/5 grammar mess-ups

Till next time!!!


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