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10 Random Songs Readers Should Be Addicted To

Hello to all who ended up on this page of mine!

Okay, so, as readers, we love a great story. The imagination, the movie we picture in our heads, etc. I've noticed throughout my life that people know the lyrics to songs, but barely get the message or the story. This spans from country to jazz to rock to rap to anything. So hopefully I can change that up a little.

So here are some songs that tell a good story from all around different genres. You may know some, and then there will be some where you may be like, who the hell do you listen to and where do you find all this? Well. Everybody and everything. And I tend to get lost in the internet A LOT. (P.S. This list is based upon the lyrics, but I'll be posting about music videos that tell the best stories soon!)

Here's your music lyric history lesson for today:

1. "Me & Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin

Ah, the 60's. All I ever think of is hippies and Woodstock and feeling freedom to be yourself for the first time, not needing to fit into society's cookie cutter demands from the 1950s back. Janis here is traveling across country on train, by hitchhiking, etc., meeting a very enigmatic guy named Bobby McGee. Her voice makes you long for him as well, feeling the loss and memories in every word.

2. "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce

Y'all may have most likely heard this song before, but by another artist. So many people have covered this song, including Mary J. Blige, who retitled it "I'm Goin' Down." This song is an anthem for the brokenhearted. Its powerful lyrics and the soul behind the music is too amazing to pass up.

3. "Lost Boy" by Ruth B.

"Lost Boy"'s lyrics make me think of a difficult time in life that you just beg to go back to be a kid again to get over it. Or a lonely childhood. You know, either one. Her beautiful voice will make it feel like she's retelling J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

4. "Beautiful Liar" by Beyonce & Shakira

This one is from the early 2000s. Yes, I guess that was forever ago, but this song was a great duet between these queens of music. It's about them dating the same guy, but didn't fight over the stupid guy. (Writers: It's a great song for those who want to be able to write about both girls' sides accurately.)

5. "Ugly Boy" by Die Antwoord

If you know anything about me, it's that I will make you listen to this South African rap/rave band (who nobody knows whether it's a prank or what). This song is along the lines of loving a guy who's not cute, but he's a great guy. Try it out and judge for yourself whether I got a hit or miss on this one.

6. "Him & I" by Halsey & G Eazy

The first time I heard these lyrics, they right away reminded me of the Joker & Harley. Anywho, the story of two people who love the crazy ways of each other? Classic old-school manic pixie dream girl kinda song that I can listen to all day.

7. "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

We've all been here. "I don't like you, but I love you." That love that was just too frustrating, but you still love their sorry butts? This song is a perfect embodiment of that feeling. There are remakes, but listen to the original Motown first.

8. "Confessions II" by Usher

Oh, how Usher broke my heart with this one. That sultry voice telling his girl he's been seeing another chick? Damnit, Usher, we never wanted you to be a cheater! Anyways, this kinda became an instant classic when it hit the charts. Listen to this (still) gorgeous man, and try not to cry.

9. "Fancy" by Reba McEntire

Ever think that there are country songs about being a prostitute in the old south? No? This Reba hit in the 90's is one of my favorite songs, and my mom let me sing it at probably age 6. Yes, "Fancy" is her name.

10. "Bed of Roses" by Bon Jovi

So another cheating song, but the freaking chorus has its own kind of beauty about it. Bon Jovi/classic rock fans have probably heard this before, but if you're a virgin to this song, please go listen to it.

So there ya go! 10 songs us readers (and writers) should be listening to all the freaking time. Have ideas for this list? Share them with the group over on facebook!



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