Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Gone South" (a sweet-tea-drinking Lexi review)

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Today's book intrigued me since I love Southern fiction, particularly with witty and strong female characters! Though I lean towards historical or futuristic Southern fiction, this one is contemporary. It's Gone South by Meg Moseley:)

Summary: "The charm of the South drew her back to her family’s roots. But when the town’s old resentments turn the sweet tea bitter, can Tish find a welcome anywhere?
Leaving frosty Michigan for the Deep South was never a blip in the simple plans Tish McComb imagined for her life, dreams of marriage and family that were dashed five years earlier in a tragic accident. Now an opportunity to buy her great-great-great-grandparents’ Civil War era home beckons Tish to Noble, Alabama, a Southern town in every sense of the word. She wonders if God has given her a new dream— the old house filled with friends, her vintage percolator bubbling on the sideboard.
When Tish discovers that McCombs aren't welcome in town, she feels like a Yankee behind enemy lines. Only local antiques dealer George Zorbas seems willing to give her a chance. What’s a lonely outcast to do but take in Noble’s resident prodigal, Melanie Hamilton, and hope that the two can find some much needed acceptance in each other.
Problem is, old habits die hard, and Mel is quite set in her destructive ways. With Melanie blocked from going home, Tish must try to manage her incorrigible houseguest as she attempts to prove her own worth in a town that seems to have forgotten that every sinner needs God-given mercy, love and forgiveness.
" (Thank you, Goodreads!)

This novel was very interesting. I connected to Tish early in the novel -- in the beginning actually -- when you learn about her love for the historic letters from her family. I love antique and vintage things, so I kind of clicked with her. The cool thing about this fiction novel is that it faces hard issues that made the novel seem so realistic. This novel, to me, was a good one. I loved the characters, and that they all were fully-developed, and the plot, which seemed to be well thought out. The structure of the novel is great, and is spot on! Plus, it truly shows how to be a friend. I loved Mel, and I know I'm not the only one who was rooting for her. In fact, I hope the author writes another novel that focuses on her and her life. The romance was a classic one, thanks to it being played out as a true romance, not showing the love through raunchiness. It was a nice change.

In Conclusion: Sure, why not:D

3.5/5 letters

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