Saturday, November 16, 2013

Don't You Forget About Me (a creative Lexi post)

Well, Readers,

As you know, I have a little brother who isn't very little (he towers over me!). His heart is big, and he's extremely intelligent. And one day, I guess he was thinking about what happens when he loses me in the future. So he has a notebook full of notes from my Philosophy in Literature class, Spanish class, etc. that he found and decided to keep. Why would he do so?

He wanted to remember my handwriting.

Yep. Simple, but so moving. I'm the same way when it comes to cards and such. I love my grandparents' handwriting; it's gorgeous! So I do understand. However, that notebook of mine talks a lot about depression and such as we focused on "tragedy" the entire effing semester, and I don't want him reading that to remember me. I mean, one philosopher came to the conclusion that I want to leave behind something better.

So I did what I'm a huge fan of; I'm writing him a quote book. It's already full of funny, inspiring, wise, stupid, etc. quotes, and I'm only about a third of the way through. My mom (the only other person who knows besides Ash, and now y'all) suggested to give him it for Christmas, but I believe that it needs to be for no reason at all. I think that when I'm finished with it, I'll wrap it and leave it for him with a note on how I want him to remember me, and how I'm going to forever see and remember him. (I've also been working on another for my future child for a year now, and have made two or three for myself before.)

Heavenly looking, huh? (Not my pic. Just perfect for this post.)

This is a good gift for anybody. I recommend that not only you leave precious memories, photos, stories, and letters behind for your siblings, but also to leave something that's tailored for them, something that takes time. Even just filling on lined page in a journal full of quotes or a letter or whatever and then letting them fill in the rest, it'll stay special for them. This is just as important as being an example they should look up to, as well as their best friend and protector.

Remember that your siblings are the only link you will have to your parents and childhood in the future. They will be the ones who understand and love you forever.

If your sibling is horrible to you or chose to no longer be part of your family, or you're an only child, please remember that your best friends can be your siblings. Even pets can be. Love is what unites a family, not blood. Ashley is my sister: my soul mate (I believe that BFFs are your true soul mates), soul sister, and best friend who will also be my link to my past. (My dogs will always spark memories as well, even if not verbally.)

Ask your favorite authority figures/adults to write you letters for a gift, while including a copy of their favorite book (new or used), plus a note inside on why it's their favorite, and they'll be the most meaningful gifts ever.

Christmas is coming up, so think about that as gifts for family and friends, as well.

Just remember that every choice you make leaves a legacy behind you as you go about in life. Leave the world with a life fully lived, love bursting through your heart, and a great legacy left behind you. You're important to others, whether you believe it or not. So be the person you'd wish you had, learn from others' mistakes, and just try to leave behind a legacy that you are proud of.

And remember, it's as simple as writing "I love you" on a napkin.

Be your beautiful selves, you guys!!!

As you know, Ash and I love you all!!!


Think about it: What legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? Write your thoughts below!

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