Saturday, May 10, 2014

"The Night Has Teeth" and Laptop Resurrections (a paranormal Lexi review)

Hello, our awesome Readers!!!

My laptop works again!!! YAHOO!!! (I seriously should have gone Mac, but I love my PC so much...) Anywho, that means I get to write a review again!!! Today's focus is on an awesome book that I thought wasn't my kind of book, but I was wrong. It's The Night Has Teeth by Kat Kruger.

Summary: "THE NIGHT HAS TEETH, Connor gets more than he bargains for while away at school overseas. He finds himself the object of a greater force's attention that threatens everything he knows and is, and the ones he's grown to care about." A big thank you to R.J. Gonzales on Goodreads for that concise summary!

Now, with this novel, with its subjects, I thought that I wasn't going to like it at all. See, it involves werewolves, and I knew it going in. The only book I read with a werewolf in it was Twilight, and we all know how much that book sucks. However, this novel thoroughly surprised me! With all of the twists and turns, all the believable fiction, and with all of the situations and characters that ensure every reader, young to adult, would be able to relate to, this novel just has it all! The action was great, and the conclusion shook me. After reading this novel, I'm filled with even more wanderlust than I already have!!! The scenery was thorough and truthful. It made you feel like you were in Paris, running around with Connor and his new friends. I truly hope that everybody reads this novel. I know I'm not doing it justice in this review.

In Conclusion: Read this novel! And then plan your trip to France!


4/4 claws (couldn't find 5, lol)


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