Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Dear Killer" (a terrifying Lexi review)


Get excited about Saturday, because I just added a new, awesome book to my "favorites" list, and I'm revealing it all on Saturday!!!

Today's book is awesome as well! It's Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell, and will be out in April!!!!!

Summary: "Rule One—Nothing is right, nothing is wrong.
Rule Two—Be careful.
Rule Three—Fight using your legs whenever possible, because they’re the strongest part of your body. Your arms are the weakest.
Rule Four—Hit to kill. The first blow should be the last, if at all possible.
Rule Five—The letters are the law.

Kit takes her role as London’s notorious “Perfect Killer” seriously. The letters and cash that come to her via a secret mailbox are not a game; choosing who to kill is not an impulse decision. Every letter she receives begins with “Dear Killer,” and every time Kit murders, she leaves a letter with the dead body. Her moral nihilism and thus her murders are a way of life—the only way of life she has ever known.
But when a letter appears in the mailbox that will have the power to topple Kit’s convictions as perfectly as she commits her murders, she must make a decision: follow the only rules she has ever known, or challenge Rule One, and go from there." (Thanks, Goodreads!)

This novel was a really interesting one. I love the novel, as it's not only full of action, crushes, friends, and the normal stuff, but also involves a psychological aspect to it. It was truly awesome and interesting trying to follow her state of mind, as well as those around her. You wonder about her mental health as well. It's very compelling all the way to the end.

In Conclusion: I truly recommend this novel!!!

4/5 ropes


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