Sunday, December 15, 2013

Six Gifts for/from a Book Lover (a Lexi Sunday post)

Sometimes, it's hard to find gifts for the book lover in your life, especially if you aren't sure which books they own. Plus, gifts should be more personal than yet another B&N gift card. So why not check these out?

Awesome gifts from/for a book lover:

1.) Your top 5 books (even from Half Price Books), plus a note inside each cover on why you chose those books. Even if they already own the book, your point of view could be a whole new way for them to use it in their lives, even kiddo books.

2.) Literary quote blanket. This literally will have you wrapped up in books! Another option, which is sooooo cute, would be this one.

3.) Poetry/quote scarf. Easy and cheap to make, and makes a classy statement.

4.) Secret Hideout Book. This is done by carving out a hardback book! It is harder to make, but so rewarding in the end. Or you can buy it on etsy. You can also do this same thing, but make the spot big enough for the person's e-reader!

5.) Customized Book Messenger Bag. Again, can make or buy.

6.) Library Perfume/Home Scents. This was going to be a five thing list, but I saw this product and had to add this for booklovers! It smells like a library, which is just perfection!


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