Sunday, October 13, 2013

Posting & Doggies (a Sunday post by Lexi)


This week, my baby (a 6-lb. Yorkie) ran down the road and immediately disappeared. Weird, huh? We're sure somebody picked him up. But this week has been super hard on me, which means I've been sad and sleeping, but still reading. Actually reading more than usual. But I couldn't bring myself to posting, or really writing at all. However, I needed to talk to you guys and tell you why I haven't been around. I hope that you guys forgive that. I will be trying to get on and posting this week. I mean, I wrote a paper within minutes, but cannot bring myself to write anything person. It's hard because Boo (Boo Radley, my Yorkie) is my baby boy. He's truly my baby. I can't sleep at night without that little bit of weight snuggling my stomach or the space behind my knees. (Hence, the whole sleeping during the day thing.) Prayers are welcome!!! Here's a pic of my baby:



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