Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No words


I didn't know if I should comment on the shooting in Connecticut, but how could it not be written about?

In all honesty, there are no words. There truly aren't. We are four days away from the murder of twenty innocent children and six brave adults, and yet seven days until Christmas. We're all stuck between hell and hope, all in utter disbelief that this could have ever happened.

The worst part for those not attached is that he didn't fit the profile we expect. You expect this kid who's been bullied. You expect a kid whose parents weren't aware of him having weapons. And those parents of the kids? Which ones almost kept their kids home that day but didn't? Which ones had a bad feeling but ignored it? Can you imagine being them right now? Or even a parent to one of the four surviving kids? I can't. I can't imagine any of this, nor how this wasn't prevented in some -- any -- way.

I guess nobody, especially me, needs to tell you what we're feeling across the world. Nor do I need to tell you guys what you should take from it, learn from it so the deaths aren't in vain. I just know that I'm going to be holding my family a bit tighter, and keeping my eyes open a bit wider. I'll be thinking about the kids and that whole town every day, and praying for and sending love to every person there.

Again, no words from anybody can describe the feelings, the situation, and obviously, nothing at all will ever be able to explain why. But the least we can do is face the situation and learn from it, right?


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