Monday, September 29, 2014

"Zoe North" (An Excited Ashley Review)

Good Afternoon Readers,

  I know that I have not been blogging like I used to, but I have been so busy with work and am about to take a lot more responsibility at my job. I have come back today with a most wonderful book, that I believe any unmarried, single woman needs to read. My friend, the amazing Joanne Rawson, has done it again with her new story "Zoe North", which I of course feel in love with the minute, I started to read it. It is witty and has another of Joanne's signature, head strong, powerful, and independent female character.

Here is the synopsis of this amazing one of a kind story.......

  "Zoe North walked down the aisle, aware that all eyes were on her. She knew she should be savouring this moment, yet all she could focus on was the man at the altar the man that, in a few minutes from now, would be promising to spend the rest of his life with her.

As the vicar starts the wedding ceremony, Zoe recalls her turbulent, two-year relationship with Dale Kennedy, literally, falling head over heels but not in love, when they first meet.

A night dancing at a salsa, club leads to more than she bargained for. An ultimatum that could change Zoe’s life forever and a honeymoon she will never forget.

A witty, spicy, story of love, friendship and never expecting the inevitable."

Zoe is your typical single, girl who is very clumsy, which who isn't? She meets Dale, who at first seems like a gigantic asshole, but they get to know each other and fall in love. Zoe has a best friend, who tries to tell her it is too soon, but she doesn't listen. When something happens and it seems like her best friend was right,all you can think of while reading this amazing story is will Zoe get the man of her dreams or end up single forever?

What I loved most about this amazing story, I was able to relate to Zoe and it makes you think, just like all of Joanne's wonderful stories do. Joanne has a way of writing her characters as strong, independent woman that a normal woman can relate to. You don't get that in just any book, which makes all of Joanne's a diamond in the rough, to read over and over again. This book will have you laughing and rooting for Zoe hoping she gets her happily ever after.



Rating: 5/5 wedding bouquets.....

You can find more about Joanne at the following website:

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