Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SPECIAL GUEST POST TOMORROW (a special announcement from Lexi & Ashley!!!)

Hey, Readers!!!

Today is the release of a very special novel in paperback -- one that we both love dearly: Catherine by April Lindner!!!!! The cover is beautiful, and I know that those who collect amazing books in all covers and variables are going to love this edition!!!!!

Tomorrow, April Lindner is going to do a special post that's all about how she named one of her very dreamy characters -- Hence!!! It's going to be great, and it provides great ideas for writers in naming their characters!!!

Without further ado, let me show you what the novel looks like in paperback!!!

Don't forget to join us tomorrow!!!!! It's going to be so exciting and fun!!!!!

Before we sign off, thank you in advance to April, who is an amazing author, and a great person. We truly appreciate you emailing us back from the beginning, being a fan, and sharing your special talents with all of us.


Alexis & Ashley

P.S. Don't forget to start following us regularly again, as we both have weekends off again, so that means more time for books and posts!!! If you want a book reviewed, want to ask us any questions, talk with us, or anything, go to the "Contact Us" tab, and email us!!! Also, keep up with our social media, and check for us in other blogs and media sites, as we're about to blow up again!!! Thank you all for staying with us!!! We <3 all="" i="" you="">

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