Thursday, May 1, 2014

Holy Crap! I'm Back! (a little re-intro by Alexis)

Hello, Readers,

I know that y'all are wondering where we've been. From work to family problems to illnesses (ours and others'), we've been pretty dang busy. We're sorry, especially me as I've been gone longer. Next week will be a fresh start for this blog. So expect book reviews, random funny posts, and anything else we feel like doing... We may not be able to blog every single day like before, but we're still around.

Also, do feel free to use the comment section! We wanna know how you feel/felt about a book, or what you'd do in the main character's situation, or anything that pops into your pretty little minds.

Email us about whatever you feel like, including telling us what book you want reviewed before you buy it, or if you're an author who want us to help get you out there (I'm a PR person and can help you) or review your book or anything at all, really. We LOVE our authors and readers, and are very honest and candid. Let us help you!

Can't wait to start up the posts again!



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