Monday, February 3, 2014

"Still Star-Crossed" (A happy Ashley Review)

Hello my friends!!!!

  I just finished reading this amazing book and couldn't wait to share it with you. "Still Star-Crossed" by Melinda Taub, is an amazing and thrilling story. It takes place a week after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The events that follow will leave you guessing until the end and the surprise is a doozy.

Here is the amazing summary taken from Goodreads......

  "Romeo and Juliet are gone. Will love live on? Despite the glooming peace that's settled on Verona after the recent tragedy, Montagues and Capulets are brawling in the streets. Faced with more bloody battles, Prince Escalus concludes that the only way to truly marry the fortunes of these two families is to literally marry them together. Everyone is skeptical, but none more so than the pair selected, for the most eligible Montague bachelor is Benvolio, Romeo's best friend, still anguished by the loss of his companions, and the chosen Capulet maid is Juliet's older cousin Rosaline, the girl Romeo first loved and whose refusal of Romeo's affection paved the way for bloodshed. Contrary to their late cousins, there's no love lost between Benvolio and Rosaline, yet they forge a bond to end the renewed feud not only to escape their forced betrothal, but to save their lives and the city of Verona itself."

What the author has done with this story will leave you breathless and wanting to read it again. In the story of "Romeo and Juliet" the main characters are mentioned only a little, but from this story you get to dive into their world and connect with them on a deeper level. Any lover of "Romeo and Juliet", will love this amazing and thrilling story.

I will admit when I bought this book, it stayed on my shelf for months until I decided I should read it. When I start this book, I couldn't put it down and couldn't believe I waited so long to read it. It gives you a side of Shakespeare's Verona as you have never seen it. It will show you the aftermath of the death's of Romeo and Juliet and how it affected their families. This should be on everyone's must reads and I promise you won't be disappointed.



Rating: 5/5 photos of what I believe would be Rosaline and Benvolio.......

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