Friday, January 31, 2014

"Villette" (A Classic Ashley Review)

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  I wanted to finish the week with another classic, that I don't believe a lot of people know about. "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte, was the last book she ever wrote. I honestly didn't know about this book, until I happened to stumble upon it when I was looking her up on the internet and I am glad I found it.

Here is the summary taken straight from Goodreads......

   ""Villette! Villette! Have you read it?" exclaimed George Eliot when Charlotte Brontë's final novel appeared in 1853. "It is a still more wonderful book than Jane Eyre. There is something almost preternatural in its power."

Arguably Brontë's most refined and deeply felt work, Villette draws on her profound loneliness following the deaths of her three siblings. Lucy Snowe, the narrator of Villette,flees from an unhappy past in England to begin a new life as a teacher at a French boarding school in the great cosmopolitan capital of Villette. Soon Lucy's struggle for independence is overshadowed by both her friendship with a worldly English doctor and her feelings for an autocratic schoolmaster. Brontë's strikingly modern heroine must decide if there is any man in her society with whom she can live and still be free.

"Villette is an amazing book," observed novelist Susan Fromberg Schaeffer. "Written before psychoanalysis came into being, Villette is nevertheless a psychoanalytic work—a psychosexual study of its heroine, Lucy Snowe. Written before the philosophy of existentialism was formulated, the novel's view of the world can only be described as existential. . . . Today it is read and discussed more intensely than Charlotte Brontë's other novels, and many critics now believe it to be a true masterpiece, a work of genius that more than fulfilled the promise of Jane Eyre." Indeed, Virginia Woolf judged Villette to be Brontë's "finest novel."

I loved Jane Eyre and this book is right up on the level with Jane Eyre. As the summary says, this book was written after Charlotte suffered the deaths of her sisters and you can feel the loneliness and sadness coming from the pages. This is why I love Charlotte Bronte, she had the talent to draw you into the character's lives and become one with them. This is a must read for any classic lovers.

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Rating: 5/5 photos of Charlotte Bronte.....

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