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My Interview with Amanda Dudley-Penn by Ashley

Hello my fellow readers,

   I have an exciting interview for you today!!! The author of some of the books I have reviewed, has taken the time out of her busy schedule to let yall get to know her better. Amanda Dudley-Penn, is the author of The Brazil Werewolf series and is an amazing author. I also wanted to say that although I haven't met her I can tell she is an amazing person as well, because when my grandma was having surgery on her heart, she prayed for a safe recovery. It meant so much to me that a complete stranger would care that much about someone that they would keep them in their prayers and ask how she was doing. Here is the interview I was excited to do with her and I hope yall enjoy and read her books.

1.) How did you come up with the idea for The Brazil Werewolf Series?

I have always wanted to write a werewolf series.  They’ve always fascinated me and I knew I didn’t want them to be thrown into a vampire series.  I believe they get lost in the story that way.  I wanted them to shine on their own.  So, after those basic ideas, I sat down and created my main characters for each of the books and allowed them to get a mind of their own.    So, although each of the stories have to have points where they connect, they really do have their own story because after all, they are different people.  Honestly, I can’t wait until you meet them all.

2.) The family are gypsies, why did you pick the lifestyle of gypsies?

It was the only lifestyle that made sense to me.  They have to be ready to move if they are exposed as werewolves or if something bad happens.  So, I decided that they would live in motor homes.  The next reason is because at the time I was studying a line in my family history.  One of my great grandfather’s names had been listed as an Irish traveller or pavee and I was studying how he lived when he was alive.  Of course, when you are studying that you learn about all types of travellers.  I didn’t want to place them in one category because they are all such beautiful groups of people, so I just made them travellers.  However, my grandfather’s last name is Brazil, so I did name them after him.

3.)  How many total books are you thinking for this series?

There will be eight.   One story for each of the Brazil siblings.  That does include a book for Mirella.      

4.)  Will our favourite characters from the first book continue to make appearances?

Thankfully, the Brazil family is a close knit family so you will continue to see the characters from the first book.  They will always be a major part to every story.

5.) How did you know that you wanted to become an author?  

I have always written stories.  I can’t remember when I didn’t write.  However, I didn’t realize that other people wanted to read what I wrote until I was in the seventh grade.  My English teacher began a creative writing class.  She pulled me to the side after class and I thought I was in trouble.  Thankfully, I wasn’t in trouble.  She looked into my eyes and made me promise never to give up writing.  Until that moment, I knew I enjoyed writing but I didn’t know someone else would read it.  That is the moment where I realized that I liked the thought of people reading my stories.  That is the moment I realized I wanted to be an author.  

6.) When did you first start writing?  

I remember writing poems when I was seven.  However, I didn’t begin to write for publication until I was twenty-nine years old.  

7.) How did you come up with the name of these books so far?  

Beckoned and Summoned were chosen because Aurora and Lilly were constantly called to by their father.  The next book will be called Enticed so there will be a change in how the Grey werewolves do things.  

8.) If you know, is there anything you can tell us about the next book for this series, without giving anything away?

I will be glad to tell you about the next book.  Like I said before, it will be called Enticed and it is the story of Luc and Mary Jane.  This will be a change.  Mary Jane is not a sister to Aurora and Lilly.  She wasn’t conceived in rape.  Instead, she is the daughter of Sophia’s friends.  Unlike, Lilly and Aurora, she has known both of her parents.  Still, she is a bit naïve and she’ll have some growing up to do.  Unfortunately, she will also have to deal with Eli, who is bent on revenge.  Thankfully, Luc will be there to help her, even though he will be dealing with his own issues with the marriage and growing up. 

I want to think Amanda again for taking the time to do this interview and I hope that yall will read her books, so yall can be as addicted to the Brazil werewolves as I am.

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