Monday, January 27, 2014

"Ladyhawke" (A Magical Ashley Review)

Hey guys!!!!

  Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my days, I have just had a lot going on. But, you will be getting three blogs from me this week. To start it off, I am going to be reviewing a wonderful book that I just finished on Saturday. "Ladyhawke" by Joan D. Vinge, is magical story of true love and the sacrifices the couple make just to be together.


 Here is the summary to this amazing book taken from Goodreads....

   "A novel based on the screenplay by Edward Kharma, Michael Thomas, Tom Mankiewicz, and David Peoples.

Captain Etienne Navarre is a man on whose shoulders lie a cruel curse. Punished for loving each other, Navarre must become a wolf by night whilst his lover, Lady Isabeau, takes the form of a hawk by day. Together, with the thief Philippe Gaston, they must try to overthrow the corrupt Bishop and in doing so break the spell."

This book has something for everyone: Romance, adventure, magic, and of course true love. Even though they can't touch or be together in human form, you can still feel their love for each other. The way Navarre interacts with the hawk and the way Isabeau interacts with the wolf is every amazing. The movie is just as wonderful, but the book gives you more of a background of the characters and the ending is a little longer for the book than the movie.

If you want a short, fun, and different read, then you will want to read this book. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend that if you can find it to watch it and you won't be disappointed. It will make you believe in true love all over again.

Happy Reading!!!!


Rating: 5/5 Photos from Ladyhawke the movie......

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