Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Best Christmas Movies By Ashley

Hey Guys!!!!

  Sorry about not posting on Monday. Since, it is near Christmas, I decided to do a holiday themed blog post tonight. I wanted to put a list together of some of mine and other people's favourite Christmas movies. Some of these movies might have a different version of each other, but that's sometimes how it is lol. I hope some of yall agree with me:

        • How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Cartoon and Jim Carry
        • Miracle on 34th Street
        • Frosty the Snowman
        • A Charlie Brown Christmas
        • The Santa Clause- Tim Allen
        • It's A Wonderful Life
        • Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer
        • Prancer- makes me cry every time
        • Elf- Will Ferrell
        • Jingle All The Way
        • A Christmas Story
        • Scrooged
        • The Muppet Christmas Carol
        • A Christmas Carol
        • Deck The Halls
        • Four Christmas's
        • Home Alone
        • The Holiday
        • Fred Clause
        • Jack Frost- Micheal Keaton
        • Holiday In Handcuffs

These are just a few that I put together from the web and the movies I like to watch. Everyone has their own holiday movie or family movie yall watch together. That's the best things about the holidays, you get to have your whole family together.

Hope yall enjoyed my list!!!


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