Friday, December 13, 2013

"Beautiful Beast" (A Bewitching Ashley Review)

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!!!

  Today, I am once again going to review another version of the classically loved "Beauty and The Beast". This is more kind of along the lines of "Beastly", because this is an actual boy and not a man with fur. But, it is still a great retelling none the less. "Beautiful Beast" by Cindy C. Bennett, is a modern day fairy tale, although it is a short story, it is still one of the best.


The summary of this amazing retelling is as follows....

  "Calli is cursed by her beauty.

Though she knows it's cruel, Calli agrees to accompany her friends to Monster House where it is rumored the beast howls at the moon each sunset. When she hears him for the first time, her heart is wrenched by the anguish she hears in the sound.

Facing trespassing charges for her folly, Calli is forced to move into Monster House where she is to befriend the beast. Using the bribery offered by his father to gain some desperately needed money for her father, Calli accepts his terms. Horrified but trapped by her circumstance, Calli steps inside the doors of the great house to face the unknown.

Alex is cursed by his beastliness.

Alex believes Calli has bribed her way into his home in order to get a look at the beast of Monster House, and is determined to hate her. He isn't prepared as she batters down the hard walls of his soul with her kindness and humor.

Alex allows Calli into his inner sanctum, sharing with her the most private parts of his heart. But when he finds out the truth, will her love be enough to convince him of her true feelings, or will she lose him forever? "

Since it is along the lines of "Beauty and the Beast" you can kinda know how this will end, but it is fun to read all the different retellings just to see what people come up with.

Happy Reading!!!


Rating: 5/5 drawings of Beauty and her Beast.....

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