Friday, November 8, 2013

"Welcome to Paradise" (A Happy Surprised Ashley Review)

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   Today I am going to be reviewing a book that took me by surprise, but in a good way. "Welcome to Paradise" by Rosalind James, is a story about all these different people coming together to compete on a reality TV show. It has intrigue, romance, fights, and everything that a thrill ride should have.

The summary of this book has been taken from Goodreads....

   "Mira Walker is hoping that competing on a "living history" reality show will give her what's missing from her real life. Maybe she'll get closer to her boyfriend, who hasn't been all that nice to her lately. Get fired up about her job again. Who knows, she might even win a million dollars.

Gabe Kincaid and his brother Alec are after that million too, though. Mira and Scott are no threat at all, not when everybody involved is going to want to kill Scott after the first day. And there's no bond stronger than a twin's. What could possibly go wrong?"

Mira is brought onto this reality show by her boyfriend, Scott, who you might want to come through the book and kill after you read how he treats her. Gabe wants to try something new and drags his twin brother, Alec, onto the show with him. On the first day, you get to meet all this different characters that couldn't fit better together despite their differences. While reading the book, you get a glimpse of what people actually feel and go through while on a reality TV show. This is a very good book and I suggest everyone read it.

I was surprised by this book, because I am not one of the people who love the survival shows, so I didn't know how I would like this book. I was surprised that I fell in love with the characters and couldn't put my kindle down until I finished it.

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Rating: 4/5 Cabin's in the woods......

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