Friday, November 29, 2013

"The MacKinnon's Bride" (A Thankful Ashley Review)

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I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving yesterday. I am thankful for a lot this year and was glad I got to spend it with my family. Today I will be reviewing another Highland Romance, but it is such a good read I had to review it. "The Mackinnon's Bride" by Tanya Anne Crosby, is not your average romance novel. It has romance, revenge, fighting, lies, and even truth revealing. I know sounds like a lot of words to describe one book, but this book has it all.

Here is the summary of this amazing book taken from Goodreads.....

   "The Warrior's Vengeance

Fiercely loyal to clan alone, Iain MacKinnon will never be a slave to King or conqueror—even when his son, Malcom, is taken hostage by a lackey of the English-loving sovereign. Answering treachery in kind, the proud Scottish chieftain kidnaps the beautiful wild daughter of young Malcom's captor—unaware that his prisoner's father is well pleased to be rid of the troublesome wench!

The MacKinnon's Bride

He is the enemy—yet the fire that burns in Iain MacKinnon's golden eyes kindles a passion in Page FitzSimon that she has never permitted herself to feel. But the bewitching hellion is determined to resist the MacKinnon, even as her body awakens—not knowing she has enchanted the true and guarded heart of a champion who now must protect and cherish her always."

I can't add anymore to the summary without giving the secrets away. It is one heck of a story that will have you crying in some parts and rooting in the others. This is one romance that is worth the time it takes to read it and will have you coming back for more.

Happy Reading!!!!


Rating: 5/5 Fairy tale wedding dresses......

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