Friday, November 1, 2013

"The Entity Within" (A Witchy Ashley Review)

TGIF fellow readers!!!

  I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. The book I will be reviewing today is "The Entity Within" by the very talented Cat Devon. This book seems to have it all, kick butt vampires, stubborn witches, and very bad demons. The tension between the main characters is so thick you need a knife to cut through it and you will want to scream "Just kiss already"

Here is the summary of this thrilling book....

   "Is Love Something…

Zoe Adams and her grandmother Irma are witches who have been banished from Boston. With nowhere to go, they accept an invitation to come to Chicago…but what they don’t realize is that their new space puts them right in the heart of the most dangerous spot of all: Vamptown.

You Can Sink Your Teeth Into?

Damon Thornheart is just that—virtually untouchable when it comes to love. As Vamptown’s highest-ranking demon hunter, he sees red flags when he meets Zoe and Irma, who unwittingly unleashed a brutal evil upon the community. But the more Damon gets to know the stunning, spirited Zoe, the less he understands about his own true nature. Vamps and witches have always been archrivals in the entity world; surrendering to their passion could mean losing their immortal powers. Is their desire worth the risk? Only one thing is for certain: in Entity Within, Damon will make it his mission to find out…"

Zoe doesn't want to be a witch, all she wants to do is run her soap business. When circumstances take her to Vamptown, her life is thrown through a whirl wind. Along with having to deal with a witch hating vampire, she finds that to save the people she loves she will have to rely on magic. Damon has had to deal with a witch who betrayed him and he is not willing to trust another witch so easily. But, when demons get accidently released can Zoe and Damon put aside their dislike of each other to save the town or will their fighting be the end of Vamptown. Read to find out!!!

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Rating: 5/5 Vampires and Witches standing side by side.....

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