Monday, November 11, 2013

"Never Kiss a Stranger" (A wanting to travel Ashley review)

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  "Never Kiss a Stranger" by Heather Grothaus, is a romantic, funny, adventures, thrill ride. It has all that a wonderful book should have, history mixed with very different characters, that all blend very well together.

Here is the summary of this amazing adventure taken straight from Goodreads....

   "Nowhere in medieval England are three women so powerful—or adored—as the heiresses of Fallstowe Castle: Sybilla, the ruthless beauty, Cecily, the pure-hearted innocent...and Alys, the youngest sister, whose wild spirit has yet to be matched.

Lady Alys thinks everyone knows the legend: If a man and a woman meet at midnight within the ancient Foxe Ring ruins, they are as good as married. But when she finds a captivating stranger lurking there in the middle of the night, she discovers the one man who is unaware.

It's a deadly pursuit that brings Piers Mallory to the Fallstowe lands. But now that fate has attached the alluring, and curiously insistent, Alys to his side, it may work to his advantage to play by her rules, at least for a time. Yet the danger Piers courts is no game—and the passion he and Alys share is all too real."

Alys, is a spirited young woman, who just wants to see places and not have to worry about what is required of a lady. When her sharp wit gets her into trouble, she is forced into a situation, by Sybilla, which she wants no part of. She believes in the legend that brought her parents together, would get her out of her sticky situation, although she couldn't predict what would be her solution to her problem. Piers just wants to get to London, although I am not going to tell you why, when he stumbles across a beautiful woman sleeping on a rock. When he wakes her up, he finds himself in a situation that he never could have imagined. The wild adventure begins after the ring, and takes these two strangers on a crazy adventure.

This is a very good book and after reading it, it made me want to travel and see if these places that the author described really exist. This is one not to miss!!!

Happy Reading


Rating: 5/5 small beautiful castles......

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