Monday, November 4, 2013

"Angel Of Kindness" (A Christmas Loving Ashley Review)

Hello My Dears!!!!

  I had the special honor of reading "Angel Of Kindness" by the wonderful Joanne Rawson, before it came out. It just became available today and I highly recommend everyone that reads this to go buy it, if you love romantic stories and Christmas miracles.

Here is the summary of this amazing story......

    "Megan Shepard was not looking forward to Christmas. Now divorced, all she had to look forward to was spending Christmas in Derbyshire, with her sixty four year old, bisexual, hippie mother, and a scrawny little sapling tree, overdressed with cheap decorations from the pound shop. However, her friends had other ideas, like taking her to Pinkie’s Night Club, their old stomping ground as teenagers. This brought back memories of rah-rah skirts, fishnets, and legwarmers dancing to Madonna, until the DJ played The Power of Love, whereupon Richie King would take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. Seeing Richie leaning against the bar in his unforgettable Danny Zucko pose, she knows the right thing to do would be to walk in the opposite direction, yet finds herself walking straight to him, and taking the advice of her unconventional mother. Swept off her feet to the winter wonderland of Manchester’s Christmas Market, romantic walks in the snow of the Derbyshire Peak District, and fireside dinners, she has to wonder if Richie really changed, or has he something to hide?"

I don't want to give any of the surprises or the ending away, but I will tell you this is so worth the time it takes you to read. Joanne brings a life to these characters, as well as the other characters that we have come to know and love. Every word will draw you into the heart of the story and have you wanting to have a Christmas romance. It also shows you that Christmas is a time for family and that there is such a thing as second chances, with the one you love. This story continues in the same fashion and gripping story telling as Joanne's other works.

You might think its crazy to read a book about Christmas in the beginning of November, but this story is worth the read and it is a story you don't want to miss out on. If you love books where you can tell the author loves what they are doing, an author that is so descriptive that they make you want to see the real thing and an author who pulls you into the story and gives their characters a life of their own, then this is the author and book for you.

Happy Reading


Rating: 5/5 Christmas Trees......

I also want to say a special thank you to Joanne and her publishers Melange, for giving me this amazing opportunity.

If you would like to see more of Joanne's wonderful books you can visit her website or Melange's website at the following addresses:

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  1. What a wonderful review Ashley, thank you so much. x


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