Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"The Viking's Witch" (An Early Halloween Ashley Review)

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   Today I am going to be reviewing the wonderful book "The Viking's Witch" by Kelli A. Wilkins. This is such an amazing book, that it has become on of my favourite witchy books by far. It also, in a weird way, made me want to watch "Hocus Pocus" and got me ready for Halloween to be here already.


Here is the summary of this amazing book......

   "Scotland, 803 A.D.

About to be burned at the stake by her fellow villagers, Odaria does what any betrayed witch facing certain death would do. She calls down a curse. Within seconds, rampaging Norsemen raid the village, capturing everyone except her.

But her reprieve is short-lived, and Odaria lands in the clutches of the Norse leader Rothgar. Can she remain true to herself and fight her growing attraction to this domineering man, or will she fall under his influence and be used for his ambitions?

After Rothgar witnesses Odaria’s powers firsthand, he strikes a bargain with her. The raven-haired beauty will use her magical abilities to help him with his quest in exchange for safe passage off the isle. But can this cunning woman be trusted, or is she using him to exact vengeance on her village?

Together they must fight bloodthirsty villagers, battle a mutinous band of Norsemen, find a missing Norse ship, and learn to trust each other . . . before time is up."

I loved how Kelli did the sexual tension between Odaria and Rothgar. There are some abuse and very descriptive killing scenes, so if you have a weak stomach you might not like this book as much. But, I promise that if you can get past the bad parts, the good parts make up for it. It gives you a great aspect of how the Vikings were and a little about their history. This was such a wonderfully written book and I believe that the way it was written and the story, drew me into the book making me love it.



Rating: 5/5 random pictures of a Viking and Vampires...ya I do mean random.....

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