Friday, September 13, 2013

"Runaway Heart" ( A Historical Ashley Review)

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  Today I am going to be reviewing a very wonderful Historical Romance. "Runaway Heart" by Claudy Conn is a funny and interesting look into young women coming into society. With a head strong female lead and a hot male lead, with history thrown in, where can this book go wrong. It will have you rooting for the good guys and cheering for the young lady, who won't let anyone tell her what to do.

Here is the summary taken from Goodreads......

   "Spirited Chelsea decided she’d sooner run away to London than return to her vain and selfish guardian, Aunt Augusta.
But in her wildest dreams, she never imagined her dear godmother would arrange a Season—or convince the ton’s most eligible bachelor to take her under his wing.

Lord Wainwright was a handsome rogue who was not interested in coy games and missish airs. He expected a country mouse with no polish, but instead he found a thoroughly engaging minx, and was oddly irritated by all the male attention she received.

Chelsea with her unspoiled eye saw beyond Wainwright’s pursuit of hedonism to the intriguing man underneath. But to her shock, it appeared his heart belonged to her horrid Aunt Augusta!"

Chelsea wants her freedom and doesn't want to return to her horrible Aunt. When she encounters a Godmother, that she really never knew she had and learns that the most eligible bachelor is going to introduce her to society, she doesn't know what to think. She also doesn't expect the handsome Lord Wainwright, to be attracted or attached to her Aunt!!!! When she finds herself falling for him, Chelsea tries to distract herself with another guy and finds her attention turning back to the man, who seems to like her as well. Can she have a happily ever after with the sexy Lord or will her Aunt finally succeed in ruining her life?

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Rating: 5/5 Running Cartoon Hearts.....

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