Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Speak Easy" (A Disappointed Ashley Review)

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  Today I am going to be reviewing a book that I was excited to read, but then was very disappointed with it. "Speak Easy" by Melanie Harlow, is about a young woman in the 1920's that wants to live her own life but can't do to family responsibility. The cover is beautiful and the summary drew me in at first, but when I got to reading it I wanted to slap the main character for being so stupid and manipulative.

The summary for this book is as follows....

    "**Warning** This is not your grandmother’s historical romance. If you’re looking for blushing maidens or proper gentlemen who ask permission to kiss the girl, this is not the book for you.

But if you like strong female heroines who take what they want and sexy dangerous men who can’t be trusted, look no further. If sizzling sexual tension and fast-paced action against a backdrop of Prohibition-era ambience sounds like your kind of cocktail—enter here. But beware…

Temptation is everywhere. And anything goes.

By day twenty-year-old Tiny O’Mara works for her father’s smalltime bootlegging operation, but by night she craves the roll-your-stockings-down lifestyle of a flapper—until her father is kidnapped by a mobster in Detroit's exploding organized crime scene, and it’s Tiny who has to come up with the ten-thousand-dollar ransom…in one week.

Suddenly she’s thrust into an intoxicating underworld of greed, lust, lies, and betrayal.

Enzo DiFiore is the son of the mobster holding her father hostage, but his screen idol looks and dangerous charm leave her breathless. When the forbidden spark between them refuses to burn out, she tries to use their powerful chemistry to buy more time. And irritatingly handsome childhood pal Joey Lupo has the street smarts Tiny needs to make a quick ten grand, but he’s got his own agenda where gang rivalries are concerned.

Deciding whom to trust isn’t easy in a world where everyone wants something—be it booze, money, power, or sex—and no one cares what it takes to get it."

Tiny is your main character, which the author gives you conflicting feelings about. At first you think she is a independent woman, who wants to take care of her family, then when she meets a guy, Enzo, she turns into a sappy puppy. Even when she finds out something about him, she is still willing to be his secret, although there is another guy in the mix that would be better for her. I was so turned off by a character that would allow herself to be manipulated by a man, although the author keeps wanting you to believe that she was a strong and independent woman. This entire book was so confusing and frustrating. I thought it would be good and interesting, by reading the summary, but was sadly disappointed and I won't be reading the rest of the books coming out in this series.

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Rating: 3/5 Great Gatsby Girls.....

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