Sunday, July 21, 2013

Those Who Give & Those Who Take (a Lexi talk)

I honestly don't know what I'm about to write, but I promise it'll be worth reading.

I just got done watching "Get Him to the Greek," and I have always felt that all that Aldous Snow did was try to give and give and give to others, which is why he was so happy in the end, when he was getting back from the audience. I think there are a lot of people like that in the world, and they're what make the world go 'round.

Take Ashley, for example. She gives and gives and gives all the time. After a grueling day at work, she still reads and writes on this blog with me. She also went to the mall and got me a Vinylmation and a stuffed Stitch from the Disney Store, then came over and watched "Cadet Kelly" with me as I recovered in bed. It was so sweet. She always makes time in her schedule for her sister (me), and it doesn't matter how exhausted she is. She's a definite giver.

So's my mom. She gives to every person who meets her, whether it be time, talking, making dinners for others, money, etc. She just gives and gives and gives all of her, and she expects nothing back. They never do. She took care of me during recovery, and then still is there while I'm looking for a job. She told me that home will always be  here for me, no matter where I end up in life. That's huge. I mean, how many people get a mother like this? (Don't get me wrong; we weren't always close, and I thought we'd never be.)

I aspire to be like these two, and I found that giving is much more fun and it brings so much wonderful happiness in life. I hope that I can be as amazing as these two, with the perfect balance of give and receive. I hope that I can give to others while understanding that I can say "no" to some things. I dunno. I just want there to be people who see what I see in others, and that don't take all the time.

I know people who constantly take, and they are so miserable in their lives. It's sad to see (they're what others call "family"), but also makes me understand how to spot people like that and that there's a line that can't be crossed. Takers are very recognizable. Think about somebody who sucks the energy and life from you, and never pumps you up, never making you feel loved or appreciated. That's a Taker. They just don't care about you, but you love them so much, you just keep giving. I never want to be like that.

Just something to ponder in your life. Who are the Takers and Givers in your life? How do you manage your relationships with them? How do you stop a Taker from sucking the life out of you? Can you do it without cutting them out of your life? And how do you build others up? Please comment and discuss!



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