Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Territory" (An Ashley Review)

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  Today I am going to be reviewing an amazing book for you guys it's called "Territory" by Susan Bliler. This is a book about shape shifters who turn into wolves and I ain't going to lie, it does have some descriptive parts of abuse in it but this book is so worth it. Plus the cover immediately pulled me in with its simplicity...

Here is the summary of "Territory"...
  "Kya Hubbard never pictured herself caught up in a world of shape-shifters and enemy packs. After all, she was just a small town girl trying to work her way through college. However, when she's attacked walking home after a long night working at the diner, the assault leaves her transformed and an unwilling member to a pack of voracious shape-shifters. Kya bides her time and after years of torture and abuse, she finally escapes her pack and runs as fast and as hard as she can to find solace with her only friend in Montana's breathtaking Glacier National Park.Once in Montana, Kya's hopes of a peaceful existence are dashed when her so-called friend turns her over to the Alpha of the great North West Territory pack. To make matters worse the Alpha's larger and more ominous brother, Briggs, is reduced to a heap of gorgeous writhing agony upon locking eyes with Kya. Delighted by Briggs' physical inhibition that is triggered by proximity to Kya, the Alpha informs the pack that Kya is Briggs' mate.But before Kya and Briggs can fight free of the mating bonds threatening to join them indefinitely and against their wishes, Kya's insatiable pack tracks her down determined to drag her kicking and screaming back to their Colorado den.As Briggs struggles to fight the wolf within that demands he bind Kya to him, Briggs cannot fight his instincts to protect what is his. With the help of his pack, Briggs prepares to defend his unwanted mate while discovering that while Kya is not what he wants, she is what he needs."

Kya doesn't know who to trust after being treated horribly by her old pack and it makes her not want to be in a pack ever again. When circumstances don't work out the way she wants them, she finds herself within another pack, and confused by the Beta, Briggs. When the Alpha tells her she and Briggs are mates, she doesn't believe it and when Briggs says he doesn't want a mate, it confuses her as to why rejection feels like a knife to her heart. She finds that not all packs are like that of her old packs, and finds herself relaxing around the wolves, but when her old pack finds her the happiness she is feeling is threatened. Will Kya and Briggs be able to learn to get over themselves and become mates or is she doomed to be tortured forever by her old pack?

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Rating: 5/5 wild, cuddly wolves..... 

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