Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"No Strings Attached" (Ashley's happy review)

Hello my fellow readers!!!

  We were approached by an author named Joanne Rawson and I am glad we were because I would have never known about this wonderful Novella. Although, "No Strings Attached" is a very short story, Joanne's talent for writing shines through with every turn of the page. This story is so laugh out loud funny that I couldn't stop laughing at some parts and I could see myself saying some of those things.

Here is the summary to this laugh out loud, fabulous book....

 "Wedding invitations are supposed to bring a smile to your face, with thoughts of a happy occasion that two people would be joining in Holy matrimony, publicly declaring their love for each other. However, for Laura Lee, it was just confirmation that at thirty-three, she had spent all her time and efforts on her career and is still single.After finding out that her ex will be attending the same wedding, Laura Lee has three days to find herself a date. In desperation, she calls on the help of her best friend Lisa, the who’s who of Nottingham’s eligible bachelors.Discovering that Nottingham’s most rich and handsome men find her icy, Laura has to take her only option, the man she most despises, her work colleague, Adam Ford."

Laura is a no non sense, career oriented, strong willed woman, who doesn't take crap off of nobody. When she gets an invitation to her cousin's wedding, she dreads going by herself knowing that her ex will be there. She could care less if her ex is there or not, she just doesn't want to go by herself and seem like she is still pining away for him. When her best friend can't find anyone to be her date, she gets an unexpected offer, that she finds herself desperate not to pass up. Adam Ford, is a quiet, slacker, who has a major ego complex, or so Laura thinks. But, an unexpected surprise awaits for her at the wedding.

This book is a hilarious, wild ride, that you can't stop reading until the end. I loved this book so much that I could see myself reading it over and over again, while recommending it to anyone I met. Joanne Rawson has such talent that in this short novella, you can tell she knows how she wants a story to go and has a true passion for writing. I can't wait to read more of her books and am looking forward to reading the next adventure. This is a novella that should not be missed and I guarantee you will love this authors writing as much as I did.



Rating: I give this 5/5 swirling, red hearts....

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