Friday, June 7, 2013

"Epic Escape" (Ashley's Excited Review)

Hello my fellow book readers!!!!

  I am bringing to you a laugh out loud, oh no he didn't, awesome, thrilling, book today!!!! It is "Epic Escape" by the very talented Emily Evans. She also has another wonderful book called "The accidental movie star", which I loved as well. With "Epic Escape", she makes the characters travel to different time zones, with different situations in each one.

Here is the review to this amazing read....

 "Are you wearing something your mom picked out?Do you need a way better date than the one seated beside you?Yep, you need an Epic Escape…Megan and Veronica watch the latest slasher flick while seated one row away from the two hottest guys in school. That’s when magic hits them, sucking the four seniors right into the film. Trapped, they race through genres fighting slashers, vampires, superbugs and hoop skirts. If they ever want to see home again, and maybe get a date out of this, it’s time for an Epic Escape"

Megan and her best friend, Veronica, go to the movies to watch the latest craze. Megan starts getting nervous when she winds up almost sitting next to her crush. Little do they know that once they put on the 3D glasses, instead of watching the movie they will be in it. They have to go through a different themed movie every time they leave one movie. They are doing things that they never thought they would do in order to beat each movie and go back home. Lots of secrets come out along the way and of course romance blooms between our characters. Will they be able to beat all the levels and make it back home or will they be stuck in the movie world forever, without seeing their families again?

This book is so worth the time it takes to read and to witness how our characters get out of all the situations they are put in is even funnier.

Happy Reading!!!!


Rating: 4/5 time traveling warps....

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