Monday, June 10, 2013

"Beckoned" (Ashley's new obsession review)

Hello peppy readers!!!!!

  "Beckoned" by Amanda K Dudley-Penn has became one of my new obsessions. This book has werewolves, love, mystery, and revenge. I loved this book so much that I have re-read my favourite parts and the book several times. Amanda is a very talented writer and I honestly can't wait for the second book of this series to come out. Plus, the cover may be simple, but it is beautiful.

Here is the review taken straight from Goodreads...
   "When eighteen year old, Aurora Anderson is nearly attacked by wolves while sleepwalking, she doesn't realize how many secrets surround her....but when her mother brings her back to her birth town of Timbly Mountain, Colorado they begin to unravel...Now, Aurora is faced with an arranged marriage to Andre Brazil...A man who hates her at first sight but is supposed to save her from a father who she had thought dead and the wolves who seem to follow her wherever she goes."

Aurora isn't your average teenager, although she believes she is just a normal human. Her mom hasn't told her the family secret and she never knew her father. When her father gets closer to them, her mom up and moves them to Colorado. The first day she is there she learns that she is engaged to her mother's best friend's son, Andre. At first Andre is pissed at Aurora and she doesn't know why, than on the eve of their engagement party, she becomes more confused when Andre starts being nice to her. Not only does she have to deal with a soon to be husband, but she also has to deal with her father's choice of husband coming around and trying to kidnap her, on top of a crazy ex of Andres. Can these two jump over the hurdles that are thrown in their way and learn to love each other or are they doomed before they can really ever begin?

Read to find out!!!!


Rating: 5/5 sexy shirtless Jacobs, because he is one sexy werewolf....

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